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How do nursing fees compare to other professions?
The table below highlights several key pieces of information including licensing fees, association fees and PLP fees for some of the BC's regulated health professions. In each of the cases noted, the professional association administers PLP. This is not an exhaustive list, rather it is a list of those easily searched online by going to websites and using google. Some information may have changed since the time of writing but is meant to provide an overall baseline comparison.
Regulated Profession Annual Registration Fee Association Fee PLP Fee (administered by the Professional Association) Total
RNs, RPNs, NPs Ranges from $500 RNs, RPNs to $800.00 for NPs $52.00 plus GST through NNPBC $52.00 (13 months) as part of the group rate for RNs, RPNs. NPs pay $236.00 $604.00 (RNs, RPNs), $1036.00 (NPs)
LPNs LPNs $500.00 $52.00 plus GST Currently paid through BCCNM $552.00 (LPNs)
Audiologists $750.00 $165.00 $50.00 $965.00
Dental Hygienists $515.00 $399 (includes provincial & national association membership - also includes Basic PL insurance) $17 (higher per-claim amount than basic) $914.00 - $931.00
Dental Technicians $775.00 $299.00 $85.00 $1,159.00
Dietitians $600.00 $350.00 $72.00 $1,022.00
Massage Therapists $600.00 $425.00 $169.00 $1,194.00
Midwives $740.95 2.9% of MSP billings $1,800.00 over $3,000.00
Naturopathic Physicians (naturopaths) $1,810.00 $1,432 (includes provincial/nat'l association) $50.00 $3,292.00
Occupational Therapists $525.00 $57 - 228 (depending on how many years practicing) $64 - $106 $643.00 - $859.00
Optometrists $1,390.00 $2,815 (includes Canadian Association of Optometrists membership) $3M per claim/$5M aggreg: $472; $5M per claim/$5M aggreg: $587; $10M per claim/$10M aggreg: $932 $4,677.00 - $5,137.00
Pharmacists $778.00 $320.00 $165.00 $1,263.00
Pharmacy Technicians $518.00 $200.00 Included in $200 fee $718.00
Physical Therapists (physiotherapists) $500.00 $319.82 $235 - $298 $1,054.32-$1,117.82
Physicians and Surgeons $1,715.00 $1,571.85 (excluding CMA) $240 to $3,600 depending on specialty $3,526.85-$6,886.85
Psychologists $1,200.00 $372.75 $275 - $350+ $1,847.75 - $1,922.75+


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NNPBC is the professional body representing all nursing professions in British Columbia. We support and promote excellence in nursing practice, education, research, leadership and policy by advocating for healthy public policy, promoting excellence in nursing practice and empowering nurses to actively influence and shape decisions that affect the profession and the public they serve.