About Us

B.C.'s four nursing associations, which represent the four nursing designations in B.C. - RNs, LPNs, NPs and RPNs - have been collaborating closely since 2013 on the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations (BCCNA or the Coalition). This collaboration has been ground breaking in demonstrating the importance of collaboration and nursing unity to strengthen the profession.

Over the past several years since the Coalition was formed, we have learned that equal representation, regardless of the numbers of nurses working in each designation, is a very important part of an effective and fair Board. Whether there are 400 NPs or 40,000 RNs, it is so important to the smooth running of the organization, that each designation has an equal and valued voice at the table and in our decision-making processes.

While the Coalition was a powerful force in bringing together the nursing profession in the province and demonstrating that it is possible to break down the siloes and hierarchies that exist in the profession, the nursing groups were not unified under a single umbrella, until now.

Role of the professional association

A professional association fulfills a role quite distinct from the other nursing organizations that exist in B.C. The mandates of each of the organizations is as follows:

  • The regulatory college, the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM), acts on behalf of the public to ensure safe care and public safety.
  • The professional association, NNPBC, acts on behalf of nursing in order to advance the profession and influence health and social policy.
  • The union acts on behalf of workers primarily to secure salary, benefits and working conditions.

Statement on diversity and inclusion

Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) is committed to the concepts of diversity and cultural competence and believes strongly in the importance of including and integrating individuals who represent all areas of nursing practice, and who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin and religion. We encourage all nurses to become part of NNPBC.

Our Vision

Transforming health through nursing expertise.

Our Mission

NNPBC is the professional body representing all nursing professions in British Columbia. We support and promote excellence in nursing practice, education, research, leadership and policy by advocating for healthy public policy, promoting excellence in nursing practice and empowering nurses to actively influence and shape decisions that affect the profession and the public they serve.