NNPBC New Graduate Program

New Graduate Course- Managing your role in practice

NNPBC is pleased to offer new nursing graduates (within the first two years of practice) of all designations (LPN, NP, RN, RPN) access to a new graduate course. Focusing on your first few months in practice, the course offers solutions and discussion in addition to a chance to network with other new graduate colleagues.

Courses will be offered on October 19 of 2020, and February 8 and July 19 of 2021 and will take seven and a half hours (7.5) to complete. Handouts will be provided.


  • $200.00 non NNPBC members
  • Free for NNPBC members

If you are not a member and would like to join, please click here.

Course Topics

Transition Shock:

  • How to manage numerous patients with complex conditions and multiple comorbidities
  • Managing a lack of access to experienced mentors and coaches
  • Understanding generational diversity in the workforce
  • How to cope with performance anxiety
  • Managing and dealing with human resource issues such as bullying


  • Three phase mentorship model
  • Expectations and how to manage them
  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding processes


  • What have we learned?
  • Unpacking and learning how to apply what you’ve learned
  • Networking and connection with others

If you have questions, please email us at info@nnpbc.com with 'New Graduate Course' in the subject line and please note that due to COVID-19, the course will be offered virtually until further notice.